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Webinar 4 – Borrow Wisely: Guide for loan officers

Webinar 4 – Borrow Wisely: Guide for loan officers

by: AMA

October 26, 2020

Under the support of the Microfinance Center (MFC), in the framework of the financial education campaign “Borrow Wisely 2020”, Albanian Microfinance Association organized the Webinar: “Borrow Wisely: A Guide for Loan Officers” with the aim of sharing international experience with loan officers regarding the details of a loan and how to guide clients to borrow wisely.

The concepts that were conveyed consisted of explaining what a loan is, knowing the rights that arise for the borrower, detailed knowledge of all the points of the contract, what is a credit overburden and how it can be avoided, etc. Also, with the assistance provided by the loan officers, the client should be able to calculate whether the installment is affordable and repayable, under the financial situation presented by him.

Find here the presentation held in this webinar: Document


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