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Corporate Governance in Microfinance Institutions

Corporate Governance in Microfinance Institutions

by: AMA

December 15, 2023

On December 11, 2023, the Albanian Microfinance  Association organized the seminar on “Corporate Governance in Microfinance Institutions”.

Participants in this round table were heads of departments from AMA member institutions and Mrs. Ermira Curri (Tepelena) from the Supervision Department of the Bank of Albania.

Ms. Junida Tafaj, General Secretary of AMA greeted the attendees and thanked Ms. Curri for her presence in this activity. It further emphasized the importance of interaction and exchange of information between members and the regulator.

Ms. Ermira Curri made a detailed statement on the legal and regulatory framework for the governance of microfinance institutions, presenting a picture of the principles and basic rules of effective general management, emphasizing the importance of the governing bodies and the risk management system.

Then there was an interactive question-and-answer session from the participants and the representative of the regulator.


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