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2023 AMA Year-End Gala

2023 AMA Year-End Gala

by: AMA

December 11, 2023

On December 7, 2023, the Albanian Microfinance Association organized the year-end dinner, which was attended by leaders and senior managers of the Association’s member institutions, as well as special guests from the Bank of Albania and economic journalists.

Mrs. Junida Tafaj, General Secretary of AMA thanked everyone for their participation and commitment to achieving the association’s objectives during 2023.

The newly re-elected AMA president, Mrs. Arlinda Muja, Executive Director of Kredo Finance, expressed her gratitude for the support and thanked her colleagues for their trust. She wished all the participants a successful new year.

The members of the Albanian Microfinance Association committed themselves through a memorandum of understanding to contribute and follow high standards on transparency and customer care!

The following evening was characterized by a warm and friendly atmosphere


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