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The Albanian Microfinance Association brings together the most consolidated Albanian microfinance institutions (MFIs) representing altogether an outstanding loan portfolio of ALL 29 billion (appx. EUR 235 million) and a number of more than 177,000 active clients.

Albania continues to have a strong demand for micro-finance products. Most of Albanian MFIs follow a socially responsible policy targeting financially excluded individuals and disadvantaged areas. Microfinance sector supports a large scale of individuals, micro and small businesses and other market segments, with a strong focus on creating jobs, narrowing gender gaps in entrepreneurship and offering financial solutions in a sustainable manner.


Active in social finance, inherited an international project, part of World Vision. Currently under full Albanian ownership (Fondi BESA), with a noticeable progress on a year on year basis.

Established by American Albanian Development Fund in cooperation with Tirana Municipality, Crimson Capital Corp. and NorFund with the aim of increasing the access to finance for the Albanian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that are underserved by the local financial market, towards a sustainable economic environment.

Credit and Saving Institution, active in the market for more than 28 years, aiming to ffer a wide range of financial products and services, especially for the population living in rural areas of Albania, in order to increase financial inclusion and help reduce overall poverty.

Fondi BESA is one of the most important microfinance institutions in Albania that offers micro, small and medium loans to individuals, supporting them to start, extend and further improve income generating activities. It serves more than 30 thousand customers and has 82 offices all over Albania.

IuteCredit Albania Sha is an international financial institution focused on providing micro loans for consumer needs only with the identity card. It started the activity in Albania in 2014 and currently has an extensive network of locations and partner offices all over the country.

Kredo Finance was licensed by the Bank of Albania in 2017. Based on experience in this industry, the company aims to provide fast financing services to individuals with the most convenient borrowing process, without neglecting the safety and convenience of customers.

Established with the support of USAID and transformed in 2010 to NOA Sh.a, NOA’s main purpose has always remained to improve the lives of Albanian families by fulfilling their dreams, professional ambitious and financial needs. NOA operates in the microfinance market with a unique infrastructure and operational model, which enables its staff to speed up the service offered to NOA’s customers within a day.

UniFin Savings and Credit Company was established in September 2016 by the transfer of the Union “Jehona” to a new form of legal. Since 1996, UniFin has been fellow traveller of farmers, traders, ordinary people or various professional communities in Albania, who after embracing our values ​​and vision, have found in us the necessary personalized and comprehensive support and commitment.

Agrokredit sh.a is a non-bank financial entity, established in 1999, with 30 branches spread throughout Albania, and with a target market of more than 50% of the population. The mission of Agrokredit is to provide products, support and financial expertise and beyond, directly or through its partners to enterprises, families and communities in rural, suburban and tourist areas, enabling them rapid and sustainable revenue growth and welfare.

Agrokredit sh.a. has provided during its lifetime 90 million Euro loans to more than 33 thousand individuals and enterprises. Agrokredit sh.a. is the only entity focused on the development of rural, suburban and tourist areas.



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