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AgroKredit sh.a.

AgroKredit sh.a.

by: AMA

January 11, 2024

Agrokredit sh.a is a non-bank financial entity, established in 1999, with 30 branches spread throughout Albania, and with a target market of more than 50% of the population. The mission of Agrokredit is to provide products, support and financial expertise and beyond, directly or through its partners to enterprises, families and communities in rural, suburban and tourist areas, enabling them rapid and sustainable revenue growth and welfare.
Agrokredit sh.a. has provided during its lifetime 90 million Euro loans to more than 33 thousand individuals and enterprises. Agrokredit sh.a. is the only entity focused on the development of rural, suburban and tourist areas.”


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Address: St. Ibrahim Rugova,  Floor 3,No. 13, Tirana

Phone: +355 69 4014505



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