Starting its operations in 1999, NOA Albania stands for 15 years of dedicated and professional service for developing small and micro businesses through lending activity as a non-bank financial institution in Albania. A new era started in August 2010 when ownership was transferred to NOA Holding and a major transformation of the organization was implemented in terms of operations and branding. NOA operates with a unique microfinance operational model and infrastructure in the market

Having implemented a new model of operations, the company has succeeded to achieve sound portfolio quality through professional assessment from well-trained staff, processing efficiency and centralized underwriting process.

Today NOA prides and distinguish itself for a fast and easy service to its customer base composed of micro and small entrepreneurs in urban and rural areas across the country spread in around 90% of the Albanian territory. NOA consistently supports the entrepreneurs of all sectors including production, agriculture and livestock, trade and service, developing a well diversified loan portfolio, exclusively in local currency by managing the currency risk itself. The positive and stable growth of the company is also attributed to the strong corporate governance and code of conduct of NOA.

Having a strategic direction to penetrate more in rural areas and agriculture sector NOA is the first financial institution in the financial sector in Albania to have implemented an automation of the loan origination process. All sales and risk staff are equipped with tablets through which they can completed application and other documentation in the field and exchange data on the real time thus increasing the speed and easiness for our customers for a response of time to yes and time to cash.

NOA’s strategic partners are reputable international and local financial institutions which have consistently supported the microfinance industry in the region including EBRD, FMO, Spanish International Cooperation Agency, BKT (National Commercial Bank),Responsibility Global Microfinance Fund, EFSE, Oiko Credit, Blue Orchard, Coopest, Developing World Markets, etc.


To provide suitable services and financial products for ambitious clients in a professional and profitable way, in order to make a positive difference to all our partners with the final objective to generate value for our investors .



• A lean financial institution, proactively reaching its clients all over the country
through 20 branches to offer “fast & easy” lending financial products.

• Keep development of the loan portfolio in 3 main segments; agro business,
licensed and individuals.

• Keep the “4 eyes principle” in all processes by segregation of duties among
stakeholders; sales, underwriting, collection and loan administration.

• Implement an automated loan process: from loan origination to the maintenance
of a long term relation with its customer base.

• Provide “collection” service to other banks to optimize resources and investments
done in this area.


BUSINESS TARGETS (2015 - 2017)

• Grow Loan portfolio at 5.6 billion Leke or about 48% versus actual by 2014
• Annual increase of loan portfolio at around 14% year on year
• Enlarge customer base at 15.700 or 37% versus actual
• Keep 15% of market share of micro segment
• Maintain a high portfolio quality with an PAR 30 less than 4% at all times
• Achieve and keep the growing trend of ROE over 15%.

Loan portfolio EUR 27.0 million  
No. of active customers 11,480  
Average disbursed loan size 2,473 EUR  
No. of new loans 6,985  
Average disbursed loan/GDP per capita 85%  
% of active customers in rural areas 48%  
PAR 30 (Portfolio Quality) 3.3%  


Contact Us:   info@noa.com.al     www.noa.com.al
Address: Komuna e Parisit, rr. “Tish Daia”, kompleksi “Haxhiu” nr. 2, Tirane, Albania | Reception: + 355 (4) 24 03 746