During 25 years, Albanian microfinance has managed to create an unique profile in the country's economy by supporting over 60,000 small entrepreneurs and farmers through a financing portfolio of 120 million dollars every year. By mean of a social methodology, a dedicated approach supporting development policy and an adapted offer to local realities, Albanian microfinance can be now considered a true success story and an undisputable vector in promoting new jobs and free enterpreneurship in Albania.

What are the lessons learned and the messages to be conveyed on this 25th anniversary of microfinance? How can the financing of Albanian small entrepreneurs and farmers be further strengthened? Why is the social dimension still maintaining a key role in the Albanian microfinance model?

These questions are given an answer through the two reports below:

In English:

- 25 years of Albanian Microfinance: Lessons and Future perspectives

- Albania Social Performance Country Report


and in Albanian

- Mikrofinanca Shqiptare : 25 vite ne sherbim te sipermarrjes se lire

- Raporti per Shqiperine mbi Performancen Sociale