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The Albanian Microfinance Association brings together six leading Albanian MFIs which at their beginnings had a single and highly ambitious mission: fighting poverty through financial inclusion.

And indeed, since 1992, the Albanian microfinance has achieved to inject into the Albanian economy over USD 1 billion in funding, and to support over 350,000 small farmers and entrepreneurs with adapted micro-loans. It is not without pride that today the Albanian microfinance declares over 220 branches and close to 1,100 employees throughout the country, let them be in the urban or rural areas, in the mountainous or coastal ones, from the south to the north. With an annual loan portfolio of USD 120 million covering more than 60,000 customers, today microfinance represents about 20% of the total number of loans in the country.


These are loans that go mainly to the self-employed, the farmer, the craftsman or the mechanic, the plumber or the retailer of your small shop. Microfinance serves those individuals who have embraced honest work and free entrepreneurship as their lifestyle. Let's not forget that out of 150,000 active businesses in Albania, over 95% of them employ fewer than four people. Albanian microfinance is looking to finance a development that is also social; where the work and sacrifices of Albanian farmers and entrepreneurs is worthily rewarded; where the environment they live in is healthy and with adequate infrastructures; where the surrounding community feels that it also benefits from the economy and the natural resources that surround them.

Microfinance seeks to be a promoter not only of the honest work of farmers and small entrepreneurs, but of communities that create, through solidarity, a shared and lasting added-value. An added value, that results from the co-operation and co-ordination of economic activities throughout all the national production chain. Until yesterday, we supported farmers and small entrepreneurs taken individually. Today, together with your help, it is time to support the consolidation of manufacturing sectors that bring a shared development to our communities.

Financing a development that is also social, is our ambition for the future.

Hoping you will find the necessary information by visiting our site.

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Bajram Muça
President of the Albanian Association of Microfinance



AMA's members are divided into two major groups. One the one hand, non-bank financial institutions such as NOA, Fondi Besa, or Agro Social Fund, and on the other hand, Savings and Credit Associations which are financial cooperatives represented by their respective financial Unions such as FED Invest and UniFin. While FAF has the sceficity of being a state-owned MFI
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