Union of Savings and Credit Associations Jehona, was founded on May 2002, on the basis of Law No.8782 on Credit and Saving Associations and licensed by Bank of Albania. It was set up as a voluntary federation of Savings and Credit Associations (SCAs), on the bases of not-for-profit financial cooperatives principals

The movement first started in 1996, as a pilot project of the Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation (ILCUF) along with a consortium of non- governmental organizations, establishing the Foundation of Credit Unions movement. It was a new idea for Albania and the aim of the project was to provide financial services to the poor. At that time, six credit unions set up. Since the very beginning, Union of SCAs Jehona has gone through several transformations in terms of institutional profile. On the other hand, the SCAs have progressed since their establishment; they have also begun to play a growing role in fighting poverty in some of the most deprived and needy places in Albania, by expanding the credit union self-help concept and supporting their members.

Today, Union of SCAs Jehona comprises 21 Credit Unions in its membership, located in 16 regions of the country. The common bond is the factor which unites all the members of one credit union — it is what all members have in common. Because of the common bond, all members know and trust each other. Each credit union represents the interest of their membership which comprises teachers, health employees, farmers, public sector employees, traders, in both urban and rural communities of Albania. Credit unions offer members the chance to have control over their own finances by making their own savings work for them. Regular savings form a common pool of money, which in turn provides many benefits for members.



The mission of the Union of SCAs Jehona is to support SCAs in order to meet with dignity their members’ economic and social needs, as not-for-profit institutions, on the bases of principles cooperation and mutual aid.



• Supports technically and financially the credit unions in order to meet their members
economic and social needs.

• Represents affiliated credit unions with related third parties.

• Provides central services to credit unions.



The Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation

The ILCU Foundation is Jehona’s main partner, supporting the movement financially and technically from the very beginning. The Foundation was founded in 1980. The Foundation was set up out of a responsibility to share the success of the Irish credit union movement with similar movements in the developing world and low-income countries. The ILCU Foundation is helping people to help themselves through providing financial and technical support to develop and strengthen credit union and cooperative movements in low-income and developing countries.



• Consumer Loans –provided to members for personal, family, or household purposes,
or for consumable items.

• Agricultural Loans –provided to farmers to finance farming activities such as purchase
of seeds, fertilizer, etc.

• Livestock Loans - provided to farmers for specific livestock purchases or livestock
seasonal needs.

• Commercial Loans - provided to members to start up a new business or other
reasons including trading, purchasing inventory or new equipment, completing new
construction or renovations investment capital needed to begin work on new projects.

• Greenhouse Loans – provided to farmers for specific investments in the greenhouses.

• Savings & Deposits
Total Assets 5.41 million euros  
Loan portfolio 4.7 million euros  
Deposit Portfolio 4 million euros  
Disbursed Loan 5.4 million euros  
No. of new loans 3,882  
No. of Members 13,877  
No. of SCAs 23  


Contact Us:   info@unionijehona.org     www.unionijehona.org
Address: Rr. “Dervish Hima” nr. 8, apartamenti 5, Tirane, Albania | Reception: + 355 0 (4) 22 24 469