Besa Fund is a non-bank financial institution operating in Albanian urban and semi urban areas and it may be considered a successful institution in supporting small and medium businesses. It started its activity in February 1994 as the Urban Credit Department, in the framework of the Albanian Development Fund (ADF), depending on the Council of Ministers. Its key objective was to implement the urban microcredit project, financed by the World Bank, with the purpose to credit micro and small businesses.

Based on an excellent administration of loan portfolio and close contacts of credit officers with borrowers, it was made possible maintaining the integrity of program and extension of activity in existing and new areas.

Since 1999, Besa Fund has had important strategic changes, becoming one of the most
important actors in the Albanian microfinance sector.

- Establishment of Besa Fund: In May 1999, based on the Decision of the Council of Ministers, dated 28.04.1999, this project was transferred from the Albanian Development
Fund to BESA Fund, established by “SOROS” Foundation. BESA Fund was a juridical person that operated as a non-governmental, non-political and not-for-profit organization, in accordance with the Albanian laws.

- Extension of lending activity: The lending activity of Besa Fund was extended almost in the whole territory of Albania providing financial services to small and micro entrepreneurs who did not have access to banking services due to the risks they presented as lack of collateral and high costs of lending in small amounts.

- Transformation of Besa Fund: In the situation when the institutional activity was consolidated, the Supervisory Board of BESA Fund, in June 2008 decided to approve the
transformation plan of BESA Fund from an NGO into a new legal status, as a joint stock company, in accordance with the Albanian laws into force.

- Licensing from the Bank of Albania: In December 2008, Besa Fund obtained the license from the Bank of Albania to perform the activity as a Non-Banking Financial Institution.

- Transfer of activity: In January 2009 was finalized the transfer of activity from Besa Fund
to Besa Fund j.s.c.



The mission of BESA Fund is to help in the economical growth and poverty reduction in the urban and semi-urban areas by promoting micro and small enterprises in Albania. BESA Fund j.s.c will ensure also technical assistance for the entrepreneurs including qualification and studies.

Clients of BESA Fund will include people from all socio-economic layers, including unemployed and start-up businesses .



BESA Fund j.s.c in accordance with its status as a Non-Banking Financial Institution licensed by the Bank of Albania has as object of activity:

- All kind of lending, including consumer loans and mortgage loans, etc.
- Providing guaranties and taking commitments;
- Advisory services, brokerage and other assistance services for all the above mentioned activities.



• Business Loan: These loans finance any kind of micro-business that generates income such as trade, services, handicraft, manufacturing, family tourism, construction, transport, etc.
• Youth loan: Specific product for young people aiming to give them one more opportunity to integrate into society by giving them opportunities for self-employment.
• BESA-AGRO: Loan for financing Agriculture and Livestock activities
• Consumer Loan: Loans aiming at financing our clients’ consumer needs.
• Energy Efficiency Loan: aiming at promoting investment in businesses which promote efficient use and saving of energy in houses

Besa Fund is also involved in several projects with different partners; the project “Energy efficiency in dwellings” - in cooperation with IFC; the project “BESA AGRO PROJEKT” – in cooperation with VIS Albania and CESVI aiming at socio-economic growth and improvement of life quality of rural population in Shkoder and Permet districts; the projekti “KEP Austria” in cooperation with L.V.I.A for financing businesswomen in Shkodërdistrikt aiming at promoting women activities and their socio - economic inclusion.

Number of Regional Offices 22  
Number of Offices 45  
Number of active clients 30,028  
Loan Portfolio (EUR) 44.8 million  
Total Assets (EUR) 62 million  
Total Equity (EUR) 13 million  


Contact Us:   mfi@besa.org.al     www.fondibesa.com
Address: Rruga Brigaga VIII, Ndertesa 19, Hyrja 4, Tirane, Albania | Reception: + 355 (4) 22 53 836 / 22 53 841