Agro & Social Fund  

Agro & Social Fund is a Financial Institution oriented toward development, and social focus, especially in agro, small and medium business sector, in rural and urban areas. We offer quality services, value respect, transparency in communication, confidentiality, non-discrimination and avoidance of over debt. Our focus is financing, strengthening of these activities, improvement of life in the community, because we are convinced that in this way we fight poverty and these businesses create the largest number of jobs and make a vital contribution to the economy. Our shareholders expect a sustainable return on investment, but they are not interested only in shortterm profit maximization but they are also focused on the social side of the Institution.



We are committed

Agro & Social Fund is committed to work with the people in need of the society in order to promote the transformation of their life.

We are stewards

We are faithful to the purpose of which resources are entrusted to us and manage them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to the company and our clients.

We value people

We regard all people equally. We give priority to people before money, structure and system.

We are trustworthy and professional

We will be staff and a company that is trusted in the marketplace - one that stands for integrity and sets a standard for it, inspiring others to be always truthful and fair as principles held higher than profit and traditional business goals. Our character is to lead by example to promote transparency and ethical behavior



2001: Beginning lending activity, at that time known as the Buildig Future, a microfinance program of World Vision Albania.

2009: Decision to transform from Building Future, a microfinance program of World Vision Albania, a non-profit organization, in VisionFund Albania, a Limited Liability Company.

2009: Licensed by the Bank of Albania as a Non-Bank Financial Institution.

2017: Agro & Social Fund transferred the ownership to "Fondi Besa" J.S.C, and changed name from VisionFund Albania to Agro & Social Fund.

Loan Portfolio ALL 250.4 million  
No. of Active Customers 1,546  
Average Disbursed Loan size ALL 185,160  
No. of new loans in 2016 894  
% of Active Customers in rural areas 66%  
% of Female Customers 50%  


Contact Us:   info@asfund.org     www.asfund.org
Address: Rruga "Pjeter Bogdani", Pallati 23/4, Kati i II, Tirane, Albania | Reception: +355 46 31 57 43